Cleaning Supplies:
Customers are required to supply and maintain cleaning products. In the event that adequate supplies are not made available, The Castle Keepers will provide the necessary supplies to complete the scheduled cleaning and an additional charge for products will be assessed. The Castle Keepers will leave any empty/low supply products in an agreed upon designated location for replenishment by the customer prior to the next scheduled clean.
The Castle Keepers require payment in the form of a check, cash and/or money order upon arrival and/or completion of work. If payment is not made at the time of a scheduled clean, a $25.00 service charge will be added and/or The Castle Keepers reserve the right to refuse scheduled service. In the event of a returned check, a $25.00 service fee will be added. The Castle Keepers reserve the right to refuse payments in the form of a personal check if a payment is returned due to insufficient funds.

 Lock Outs / No Authorized person home:
In the event that The Castle Keepers can not access your home, it will be necessary to charge the full price of your cleaning. Cancellations / Schedule Change Requests: The Castle Keepers require 48 hour  notification prior to any cancellations and/or schedule change requests. Inadequate notice will result in a service fee equal to the full price of the scheduled cleaning. Our inventory is the time we have available for our customers and we must schedule accordingly. This will allow us to provide the best cost effective service * Scheduling: Due to additional customer requests, unforeseen circumstances, traffic and/or inclement weather conditions, The Castle Keepers cannot guarantee an exact 
arrival time to your home. Finally The Castle Keepers will not clean, and will charge full price for the clean if a minor is left home unsupervised.  Any person in the home must be 18 years of age or accompanied by an adult.
Due to the nature of our industry and our interaction with customers , The Castle Keepers require notification of any contagious illnesses prior to arrival of a scheduled appointment. The Castle Keepers reserve the right to refuse service based on illness due to contracting and/or transferring illnesses to our customers. 

* Cancellation of Service:
The Castle Keepers require 30 Day notice of cancellation of service. 

*Inclement Weather:
In the event of inclement weather, The Castle Keepers will make every attempt to fulfill its scheduled day(s). If it is necessary to cancel an appointment, The Castle Keepers will make every reasonable effort to accommodate its customers.
The Castle Keepers require 30 day notification. This will allow for scheduling adjustments and assist in accommodating our customers. In the event that proper notification is not given, the customer is responsible to compensate The Castle Keepers for the full price of a missed appointment.

*Vacations Continued: 

The Castle Keepers are also required to provide proper notification of our vacation schedules. The Castle Keepers schedule two weeks vacation per year. *Holidays: In the event that your scheduled clean falls on one or more of the following holidays, The Castle Keepers will make every attempt to accommodate your cleaning needs for those holidays, which would require an adjustment to the set schedule. 
*The Castle Keepers are closed one week during the summer. Typically late July/Early August
*The Castle Keepers are closed Christmas Day thru the Day after New Years

*New Years Day / Day After New Years Day
*Memorial Day
*July 4th
*Labor Day
*Thanksgiving / Day After Thanksgiving
*Christmas Day / Day After Christmas

Preparing Your Home:
All customers are required to make all agreed upon surfaces  available for cleaning. To include kitchen sink, bath tub/shower * Surface cleans do not include the inside of Refrigerator or Ovens. These services require an additional fee
*Due to liability, and the care and maintenance of our cleaning equipment, The Castle Keepers are not responsible to clean, nor maintain Fireplaces (ashes or contents) 

The Castle keepers are not responsible for moving furniture over 35lbs. 

Due to liability, The Castle Keepers will not work on ladders. Step stools and/or extension dusters
( provided by customer ) will be used for ceilings, ceiling fans, book shelves, pictures, etc… 

The Castle Keepers are not responsible for the behavior or attitude of your pet(s). 
In addition, the customer is responsible for cleaning all litter boxes, water / food bowls and clean any pet accidents in the home. 

The Castle Keepers reserve the right to adjust fees according to additional service requests and/or operational costs. 

Emergency Number:
In the event of an emergency, please use the following numbers Victoria’s Cell Phone - 978-580-5908 
David’s Cell Phone – 978-580-5907 

Policies and Procedures:
Are subject to change without prior notice, but will be communicated in a timely fashion.